I’m an artist, designer and marketer based in Dubai, UAE.


I was born in 1984 to a happy childhood in a small family. The turmoil of my younger years brought by the civil war moved me to see the world in a different light, which made me start expressing myself through painting. It also helped me define my passion. I was painting all through  elementary and high school which led me to an obvious choice for my college education – Academy of Fine arts. There I found myself completely. During Academy years, my work consisted primarily of self-portraits.After graduating and receiving the title of Academy-certified Painter and Professor of Fine Arts, my work moved towards surrealism and abstract art, which continued to flourish in places I now call home: Rijeka in Croatia and Dubai in UAE.

I was always inspired by music, combining it with painting always triggered my creativity as both of those expression forms emerge from feelings one accumulates within oneself, until they are ready to burst into the world around us. My further expressions include crafting lady hats, other fascinator creations and playing various musical instruments.